Start of several build projects

This month is the start of several build projects including the conversion of St Lukes School in Duston. This project has been in design and negotiation for several years and has now been tendered. Final negotiations are underway currently with a hope to start on site shortly. We also hope to start 2 developer […]

New Church and Community Building

Espresso Architecture are very pleased to have submitted a Planning application for a new Church and Community building for Broadmead Baptist Church in Northampton. The building will be multi-functional, providing improved and continuing services for Samuels Nursery, several community rooms and a large vaulted open worship area on the first floor. The […]

Anearobic Digestion Plant

We are pleased to have been part of a team designing a new Anaerobic Digestion Plant in South Northamptonshire. The unit is sited on a private farm and will utilise crops and waste products to produce methane which in turn powers turbines feeding the farm with electricity. The residual electricity will be […]